Summer Tips For Healthy Hair

Summer is just around the corner and the strong sun, high temperatures and the humidity in the air will make our locks appear dry, hard to care for and arrange. Here are a few simple steps to keep your hair healthy and hydrated.

1.Wash your hair twice a week


Washing your hair daily in the summer can lead to it being dehydrated. During the warm season, it is recommended to wash the hair twice a week to allow hair to absorb the natural oils of the scalp. It is also important to choose a shampoo containing natural ingredients to add as many nutrients as possible to the locks. When possible, try to rinse your hair with cold water to straighten hair cuticles.

 2.Opt for natural products

During the warm season, the hair has a tendency to dehydrate, so it is best to limit the number of chemicals used to style and clean your hair such us commercial shampoos, chemical hair dyes and styling products.

Nutrigro natural products for healthy hair this summer. No mistakes, no hair problems

Nutrigro natural products for healthy hair. No mistakes, no hair problems

Choose to use natural hair care products with a high percentage of natural ingredients that will protect, moisturise and nourish your locks.

3. Stay away from the styling devices that use heat

Blow drying your hair is a common practice during winter days but in summer using heat might just do more damage than good. Take advantage of the warm days and allow your hair to breath and maintain its moisture. Give up your styling devices for a while and opt instead for simpler hairstyles, for which you do not need a dryer or a curler.

4. Do not skip on hydrating moisturising masks

Hair frequently exposed to heat regularly needs treatments that will intensely hydrate it. Use quality masks appropriate to your hair type, or choose to use homemade masks. Leave hair products to act for at least half an hour to get into dehydrated hair. To have a shiny healthy hair it’s not enough to apply moisturising products. Hydration is obtained to a large extent from inside, so make sure you drink enough fluids, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and take vitamins so the scalp skin is well hydrated and your hair grows healthy and beautiful. Water is always the best choice.

5. Do not forget to trim your hair regularly

During the summer it becomes almost obligatory to trim a few centimetres of hair once every 4-6 weeks. Hair can become burned and the only way to get rid of burned and degraded hair is to trim the affected locks otherwise the hair does not recover. Hair oils and hair serum are the perfect allies in the fight with split ends. Applied to clean, dry or wet hair, hair oils will provide protection throughout the day. Natural oils are also recognized for their beneficial effects on hair, including the prevention of split ends, improving hair thinning and dehydration.

Why not try:

Coolherbals Pitta OilCoolherbals Vata Hair Oil nourishes hair and skin on the summer days cooling the body and scalp. It is particularly useful in thinning hair, hair falling or greasy hair. It contains Sandalwood, Coconut, Sunflower and Bhringaraj oils. Suitable for greasy hair.

Coolherbals Vata Oil nourishes hair and skin. The combination of Sesame, Bhringaraj and Rosemary oil keeps hair and skin moisturized. Suitable for dry hair.

Coolherbals Kapha Oil nourishes your hair and skin. Using Kapha Oil will make your hair appear thicker. The combination of mustard, clove and oil prevent your hair from hair loss and it also keeps your skin moisturize and clean. Suitable for normal hair.